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Sales Terms & Conditions

Cond. 1: Service
Alsace airport shuttle is a service offered by the franco-iranian association of Alsace to its members. Fares include 3% contribution to the association that works for active citizenshipthe and social actions.

Cond. 2: Reservation
Reservation can be made automatically unitl 24hours before the departing day, after the confirmation wil be made manually. You will receive an email confirming your trip details (date, estimated departure from meeting point, price, options). No need to print the mail, give your name to your driver who will check on his passengers list. Please check information on your last confirmation email & SMS with departure time and driver information.
If a reservation is made less than 3 days before the departure, it will be manually processed by email or by phone. If a shuttle is available, this service will be invoiced 14 € less than 24 hours and 7 € less than 72 hours.

Cond. 3: Departure/Arrival
Departure and arrival schedules are made according to the trip planner. We will send you an email to confirm the departing time.
This service will be invoiced 10 € per trip in Strasbourg and must be paid while booking. For other points of departure and arrival, please ask for an estimate in the specific requests section.

Cond. 4: Fares
Fares include reservation, transport, luggage and the membership to the association.
Luggage is limited to a bag and a handbag per passenger (on request driver can help you to load and unload your luggage. An extra charge of 5 euros for small luggage and 8 euros for big luggage is invoiced beyond luggage limit. The extra charges have to be paid to the driver.
Night shuttles have an additional cost of 14 € between 21:00 PM and 07:30 AM

Minimum package: Is the minimum price to be paid for the trip if the number of passengers is less than the set threshold. This increase will be refunded, totally or partially on credit card, if other passengers join the shuttle to reach the set threshold

Cond. 5: Delay
On departing: Despite the care we take to ensure you a comfortable trip, delays may occur. We recommend that you to plan your airport arrival time at least 3 hours before the takeoff, to perform all check-in and boarding formalities. We also advice you to take out travel insurance; we disclaim any responsibility and liability in case of delay.
On arrival: Delay in boarding, involving awaiting shuttle, will be charged 10€/30 min (per slice of 30 minutes)+ parking. It must be paid to the driver at the departing. An PDF invoice will be provided on request so that you can present it to you airline or insurance company for refund

Cond. 6: No show
The service is still charged in case of no show.

Cond. 7: Cancellation
Bookings are final and cannot be refunded.

Option Serenity

This option will cost 10% of the total price of the service.

It gives you the possibility to cancel your booking in any circumstances by email.

If canceled, a refund will be made. The amount of the refund varies according to circumstances :
  • A refund of the total price will be done if the booking is canceled 5 days before the departure
  • A refund of 60% of the price will be done if the booking is canceled 12 hours before the departure
  • A refund de 20% of the price will be done if the booking is canceled less than 12 hours before the departure
No refund will be done after the departure.

Please notice : The price of the cancellation option is not included in the refund and cancelation should be done by email

Cond. 8: Pets
Small pets (weight less than 6kgs / 13 lbs) should be transported in a carrier or a closed bag. Large-sized dogs must be muzzled and should not disturb other passengers. A 8€ / 12€ / 16€ extra per animal depending of size are charged and should be paid directly to the driver at the departing.

Cond. 9: Responsibility
In case of repayment, the amount cannot exceed the paid service.

Cond. 10: Holidays and weekends
The shuttle runs on holidays and weekends.

In case of emergency, please call +33 6 27 18 12 52